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May 28, 2008

Seared Salmon in Basil Green Curry and Vanilla Jasmine Bubble Tea

I haven't had great Thai meal since I moved away from Reno. Royal Thai was an awesome restaurant. They had a crispy duck with a spicy cucumber vinaigrette that I'll never forget. I learned how to make a green curry from a chef who was born in the same region of Thailand that those folks were from and man!, I will take this recipe to the grave... I used it to make this dish the other night... it inspired me to make a bubble tea (above). I've never made one before but after an hour of researching, I got the basic idea and came up with my own version to pair with the salmon. It turned out better than most of my first attempts usually do. I hope you like! :)

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Toni said...

Sadly enough, Royal Thai isn't there anymore. It's not something called Sushi 7, and I haven't tried it yet. I don't think I want to - I liked Royal Thai!