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January 10, 2009

New Year, New Food!

Crusted Tuscan Shrimp on Cannelini Beans & Baby Spinach w/ Grilled Polenta & Harissa

We had our 1 year anniversary at the restaurant and celebrated it for a whole week. I was a bad blogger and had no time for taking pictures on New Year's Eve. (Spankings are much deserved.) We were in the weeds all night and if it wasn't for the Oyster Bar, everything would have gone a little smoother. But despite all that, the night was a success and the community reached out to our little 50 seat restaurant to give us some love.

Up and coming dishes are popping on the Menu for this year. Here's a sneak preview...

Herb Grilled Pork Chop on Apple Risotto & Baby Spinach w/ Saffron Dijon Cream

Morroccan Steak on Sauteed Confetti Orzo w/ Piemontese Caper & Basil Puree

Indian Spiced Rack of Lamb w/ Paprika Cilantro Oil & Herb Crusted Potatoes
I hope you all had as great a New Year's Eve as I did. I'll Post again soon with another Duck Blog to further explor it's many uses.


Toni said...

Hey Boss Man!

I changed my phone number but I can't seem to find your e-mail saved anywhere. :-| Coulda sworn I had it... Email me?

Your food looks delicious as always! I miss being your taste tester at work. :-D

Anonymous said...

Hey Chef Jonny!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and looking forward to visit Oregon! I heard plenty of good things about your state.
Your food looks DAMN good! Keep up the good work!