Eclectic Bistro Fare

March 24, 2009

Pan Seared Halibut Steak w/ Israeli Cous Cous & Caper Vinaigrette

Hi friends! Just giving you some more food porn...
As you know, I love fish. Big or Small, Fin to Tail, I LLLLOVE FISH! Oh! (wiping away drool) Sorry, I can't help it. And if it has a large bone in it, the flavor is even better! Any way, This is one of my favorites so I cook it as often as I can. Here I pan seared it with some seasonings of mustard, thyme, paprika, garlic and coriander (of course salt and pepper) and served it over Israeli cous cous with trinity veg, veg stock, and fresh oregano and thyme. Topped on it was an emulsion of dijon, cilantro, crushed capers, white wine vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil. I hope you enjoy it too!

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