Eclectic Bistro Fare

June 9, 2008

Steelhead Trout w/ Dijon Creme Fraiche and Potato & Beet Lyonaisse and Husk Roasted Corn

I love cooking fish. And the region I'm in ( Rogue Valley) has some of the best fishing in the Nation. Here's a prime example right from the other side of the mountains ,on the coast. When I bought this it was almost still flippin' around.

For those of you who may not know, most trout are purely freshwater but the Steelhead makes it's annual spawning run from the Pacific Ocean like Salmon. What's so great about this is that it retains excellent ocean flavor even after it enters the rivers far from the coast.

rrrrrrrRRRR! (brakes) I need to demystify something right now....semi-off-subject! Creme Fraiche is about the biggest marketed scam I've seen in the market for up to $10.oo for 8 oz. So I'll give you a (not for the impatient) recipe....1 c. Heavy whipping cream + 1 tbs. Buttermilk - Leave out for between 24-36 hours at room temp. --- I know, I know! That's not sanitary! Health Department blah blah! Servsafe nag nag! --- How do you think the stuff was discovered??! It's called a live culture people...totally kosher. Well, maybe not kosher but you get the point. Anyways, put it in the fridge after that or it will spoil and you'll know if that happens by the stank! - Bon Apetit!


Steven Kippel said...

m temperature at my place can get very hot. I live in a desert.

Anonymous said...

Those steelhead trouts don't come to often here in New York but I remember getting some once in Colorado and boy, they were good! It's only 8 am but I could totally go for that. Hehe.

Antonia said...

Uuunnnggg Jon, out in the open for over 24 hours?!?! You're crazy, old man. Or I'm just young and disgusted at the idea of handling food "improperly", as trained by others. lol