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June 4, 2008

Sweet Tooth Parties!

I recently came across an article about a Miracle Fruit...No, it doesn't walk across water or feed five thousand people but it does something incredible enough to have N.Y. and S.F. chefs piqued with curiosity. I have to say, it has me concocting schemes for a flavor tripping party in the Southern Oregon Area. Check out . Maybe the food science bar just got raised a little higher in " Terra Culinaria " but in Africa people have known about this for a long time. It brings new insight into how much we as chefs don't know about wild edibles. Daydreams of malted chile truffles and key lime marmalade spread on sourdough crostini and other sorts of new strange creations are racing around in my head... Ohh! Rapture! What new ideas would you, the reader have if you got a hold of this fruit?

1 comment:

Antonia said...

I would drink lots and lots of beer. No, just kidding, that would make me sick and you know that. Silly little light weight.

Man, I've actually tried to numb my culinary sense because I'm not finding any jobs for cooking, so I can't even think of something right now! BOO!