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August 15, 2008

And finally...

I got a chance to take a breath - one day off, after what seemed like a full month of craziness. I took it to get a recipe off my chest and get in the kitchen with my daughter to just play. First we created a peach tartlette. Simply spiced and macerated with freshly grated cinnamon and nutmeg. My dear pregnant wife was craving pie crust at dinner two days earlier. The craving didn't last but my inspiration did. And so, ...the results!

Also, not in the mood for starches and beef lately, lamb is also out of the question in my house until aftyer my wife's tastebuds are back to normal. We made a fish dish (my favorite type of entree) with some greens and patty pans. This is is a flounder, lightly sauteed in lemon thyme and shallot scented clarified butter and a lovely little dab of dijon and grapefruit marmelade (a twist on a Larousse Gastronomique inspired Cumberland sauce.) I've found lots of uses for this type of sauce including deli meats and taking it in different directions with mint, lemon, and shallots depending on the protein I'm serving. Enjoy!

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Antonia said...

Oh man, I want pie now! I was beginning to think you'd died or something (or were just really, really busy... which is close to death, since the rest of the world ceases to exist, lol).

No, really.. I really, REALLY want pie now. I think I'll head down to the Pneumatic Diner and get some vegan strawberry rhubarb (by far my favorite. If you have a recipe that you KNOW is a success, PLEASE share).