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August 18, 2008

Five Spice Roasted Chicken w/ Matsutake Shanton Reduction and Dirty Fried Rice

American and Asian foods fit so well together if you do it right. Here's a dish of mine which has become one of my signature entrees. The shanton broth was something I came across while reading Morimoto's cook book. With ham, beef, and chicken in one stock, it lends a smoky rich flavor to any soup, sauce, or braised item. Shanton has a great versatility and I have had it as a staple in kitchens where my menus are in place.
Smoke is like a sixth flavor. If you pay attention, you can detect it in the upper back of your mouth where your breath comes down from your nose. Another aroma detected in this area is the scent of mushrooms and truffles. Matsutake mushrooms are so prized throughout Japan that they are now a rare commodity and most commonly are imported from right here in the Northwest.
This dish lends great round flavors and nutty tones throughout. And there's something to be said for using every part of the chicken! Enjoy.

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