Eclectic Bistro Fare

October 27, 2008

Pan Roasted Salmon over Fried Polenta & Wilted Spinach w/ Black Pepper Port Buerre Rouge

Salmon is a staple up here in the Northwest so coming up with new dishes for this protein can be tough. As you know already I don't complicate my plates, just offer good comfort food.
Here we seared the fish in clarified butter (ghee) and seasoned in salt and pepper, then pan seared it.
The polenta was a basic creamy polenta recipe which we let cool on a sheet pan and cut into triangles and deep fried. The sauce is a port wine reduction to which butter, shallot and black pepper was added at the appropriate times. I liked the grilled orange as a garnish and as another flavor. Salmon likes citrus! Enjoy!

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