Eclectic Bistro Fare

October 30, 2008

Sushi Night at my house!

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Spicy Shrimp Philly Roll, Lemon Shrimp and Crab Roll w/ Scallions, Seared Rare Spicy Tuna Sashimi, Wasabi & Fresh Made Pickled Ginger, Two California Rolls, and an Inside Out Shrimp Avocado Sesame Roll.

Its been a while since we had a sushi night here at the house... Not having alot of money lately and a real craving for some yummy sushi prompted us to rifle through the freezer and cupboards. We had everything we needed to do it except for an avocado and some shrimp. See what a well thought out list of onhand items can get you! And it didn't cost more than $20.00 either! Enjoy.

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