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November 18, 2008

Mushrooms Galore!

It's the Autumn Mushroom Season again and somehow I have been too busy to post many pics lately even though I have had quite alot of ideas and half finished posts about how wonderful it is to do what I love (Cooking). Here is two lovely fungi I have been using alot. Hedgehogs (left) are great for a quick sautee but I recently used them in a Slow Braised Top Sirloin Dish w/ Cab. Sauv., Pumpkin and Leeks. They cooked down so fast that they became a thickening agent for the sauce which added complexity and richness to the dish.
Pig's Ear are smooth and have a silky texture similar to perfectly cooked squid. They hold up well to frying or a hard sautee. They taste similar to toasted walnuts.
Good Stuuuuuufff!

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